Property development
in greece

Building your own home in another country, it is challenging, right? Having the right partner on your side, makes it hassle-free procedure!

Having solid experience in developing our own properties, we are expert in the construction industry. Our goal is to support anyone who is planning to build his/her own house or residential property in Greece. Right now, we operate mainly in Nafplio and Argolida Region, which is part of Peloponnese!

your support from a to z

Local law and procedures

Depend on us when it comes to local law and procedures. We fully support you and we guarantee all your activities are covered based on the country's policy.


Having already great relationship with all major national banks, we can fully support you with your needs.

Network of partners

We develop our own properties and we have our network of partners. Building your property under our umbrella, guarantees you get the best possible prices and services.

professional services

We consider ourselves stubborn, when it comes to the quality of our services. We do not consider any project delivered successful, unless you advertise our professionalism to 10 more people!

Desing and concept

Our partners will fully support you with the design of your property and you will have the ability to make isĀ 

Building Permit and legal procedures

We fully support with via our partners with the building permit and all the legal proceduresĀ 


We fully support you as your own consultant during the construction process, making sure you have the full control

Your post development support

Our services does not stop once your property is developed. Through our sister companies, we fully support your plans regarding your new home by either just taking care of your property while you are not here or by renting the property from you to operate it as a holiday home and provide you with cash flow, when you are not in the city.

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