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About EARG Developers

Founded in 2004, EARG is a privately owned property developer in Greece, that offers a diverse and innovative portfolio of property types and styles, all built to the highest standards. We are dedicated to delivering the best in concept, functionality and service and so far have been recognised as synonymous for quality and gained a reputation for excellence. Key attributes to the company’s success is EARG’s dynamic team, family values and customer centric approach. Firm commitment to provide absolute customer satisfaction is constant and at every stage of the process, from designing and planning to the final finishing touches, we consider the priorities of the customers to be our main goal.

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Our Strategy

Property Acquisitions & Development

Since its beginning and due to the high demand from the local market, EARG was mainly focusing on retail and commercial properties development. However, due to the increase of the country’s tourism sector the last years, In 2017, the company changed its strategy and started focusing more on residential properties development, where EARG develops, operates and offer a range of different holiday properties, with high ROI. This gave EARG the ability to attract, not only local, but also foreign investors.

  • Acquire large, developable sites or semi-completed residential buildings
  • Appoint internationally acclaimed master planners, architects and designers to create world-class products
  • Obtain construction permits through a well-planned process
  • Appoint the most reputable construction firms on a turn-key basis
  • Handle the pre-opening process
  • Organise the marketing and PR operations
  • Monitor and optimise operations to maximise profitability
  • Besides operating its own properties and offering luxury residential apartments, EARG as well undertakes to operate its customers’ apartments as holiday rentals and by that help to increase ROI on the best possible way.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide value to our clients in terms of quality, design, service, support and investment returns.

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